Typical Site

We typically look for a brown field or agricultural site which has the following:

  • Good HGV vehicle access for construction
  • At least 250m from residential properties
  • Not on designated land – eg. Site of Special Scientific Interest or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Free from flood risk
  • Near to a suitable point of connection on the grid, such as a Bulk Supply Point, Primary Substation or 33kV HV overhead line. Details of these are shown below
  • Near a medium pressure gas main
  • Around 1.5 acres (20MW capacity)

Photograph of a Primary Substation

Photograph of 33kV overhead line on wooden poles

Photograph of a 33kV overhead line on steel towers

Typical Process

  1. Evaluate the site for grid connection, gas connection and conduct an initial planning evaluation
  2. Outline the commercial terms based on the initial findings
  3. Enter into Heads of terms to develop the site
  4. Realise and secure grid connections and pay the relevant deposits
  5. Undertake the planning process and enter into long term lease for the site
  6. Commence construction and connect the site the grid.