Power Market

The UK government want more gas-fired capacity to fill the gap created by the phasing out of coal-fired generation by 2025 to meet green emissions standards.

As a result of this reduction in coal plants National Grid’s safety buffer shrunk to 0.1% in 2016. There is a sustained danger of intermittent blackouts for the foreseeable future, thanks to dwindling base capacity and freak weather events

25 % of the Uk s energy needs are now supplied by wind, solar and other green technologies, but with the closure of so many coal fired plants and the time required to build new nuclear plants it is essential that a stop gap is deployed.

A further development is that of large scale battery power supply, but this is very much in the early stage of development and cannot contribute effectively for many years.

The answer is the deployment of relatively small gas generation plants that are located  around the country that are constantly on standby and can come online exactly when needed. These are clean, efficient and provide energy where and when it is needed.